The Bakery is a Shop that unlocks at level 13. It takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to build and costs 40000 Coins.


Shopkeeper Edit

  • "Welcome."
  • "Freshly baked goods!"
  • "It's on discount!"
  • "Enjoy!"
  • "Please come again."

Shopper Edit

  • "Smells so good!"
  • "I want this!"
  • "Do you sell cream puffs?"
  • "Yes it's here!"


Level Base Usage Fee Base Appeal Upgrade Cost Max Coins Build Time
1 Coins17 Appeal8 Coins40,000 Coins425 Time2H 45M
2 Coins18 Appeal9 Coins90,000 Coins455 Time3H 15M
3 Coins19 Appeal9 Coins150,000 Coins485 Time4H 15M
4 Coins20 Appeal10 Coins235,000 Coins520 Time6H 15M
5 Coins21 Appeal10 Coins345,000 Coins555 Time9H 15M
6 Coins22 Appeal11 Coins480,000 Coins595 Time12H 15M
7 Coins23 Appeal11 Coins665,000 Coins635 Time15H 15M
8 Coins24 Appeal12 Coins900,000 Coins680 Time18H 15M
9 Coins25 Appeal12 Coins1,185,000 Coins725 Time21H 15M
10 Coins26 Appeal13 Coins1,570,000 Coins775 Time24H 15M

*Usage Fee and Appeal can be further increased by using items and/or adding decorations.

Investments Edit

Invest BakingClass

Investing in「Baking Class」for 150,000 Coins will allow you to obtain the shopper Master Chef and a new item: Melon Bun

Effective items Edit

Trivia Edit

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