Coins are the main currency of Happy Mall Story.

Coins are used to buy new Buildings, get Expansions for the player's mall, upgrade Buildings with a Usage fee and increase the player's inventory size (up to a limit of 50). They cannot exceed the maximum coin limit that comes with the current mall level except for IAP (In-App purchases) and coins reclaimed from selling a Building or stopping an upgrade.

Coins can be earned in the following ways:

  • Generated by shoppers visiting mall Buildings with a Usage fee, especially during Fever Mode
  • Selling Buildings (only 1/5 of the value will be reclaimed if the building is finished, but 50% can be retrieved if it is still under construction)*
  • Stopping upgrades (see the above note*)
  • Completing Tours (varies)
  • Accepting a Tour request from someone else (500 Coins)
  • Obtained by sharing a screenshot of the player's mall (500 Coins times mall level plus 1, available once every 4 hours)*

Coins can also be purchased by Diamonds:

  • Only 1/5 of the last upgrade cost will be reclaimed after it is complete, not the cumulative cost and upgrade value of the building. If you ever upgrade something to level 10, don't expect it to sell big, it will only sell for 1/5 of that last cost.
  • Note to iOS 9 and above users: It is strongly discouraged to use the screenshot sharing feature as this will quickly pollute your device's thumbnail cache and the data cannot be easily deleted. Android users still are advised to keep an eye on their cache, but this isn't really a problem.