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Welcome to Happy Mall Story Wiki! This is the first wiki dedicated for Happy Mall Story! Happy Mall Story is a game where you build, manage, and design your dream mall. There are many shops, decorations, and cute costumers to unlock. Also help your shoppers, earn stars, and activate fever mode! Use your imagination to make the most beautiful and popular mall in town! Are you ready to play?

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Question: There are only two types of shoppers Male Shopper Avatar, Female Shopper Avatar visit my mall, how can I attract more various of shoppers?

Answer: When you build some shops, you will probably see this notification New Investment Is Available on upper right corner. Shoppers can be unlocked by investing it. But how to invest? First, you can look for Task Manager (This icon), which can be found on upper left corner, click it, and you will see that there are some investment applications listed on the window, invest them, and the new shoppers will appear in your mall!

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Bar is a building which is unlocked at level 18. It takes 4 hours to build and costs 135000 Coins.


  • Slush!
  • Ahh.. Nice!
  • Can I have one more?” (Shopkeeper will give one more wine to shoppers)
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Happy Mall Story Official Trailer
Happy Mall Story Official Trailer for iPhone iPad Android

Happy Mall Story Official Trailer for iPhone iPad Android

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