Investments can be found in the Task Manager button.

They are used to obtain new customers like the Male Student, Old Woman, etc. They serve as requests from new people one a certain shop was built, for example, "Parry Hotter" books, which costs money, depending on the shop. Once the requirements are fulfilled, a new customer comes to the player's mall. Though, the things the customer requested does not appear.

Investment List Edit

Shop or Attraction Shopper Type Unlocked Cost of Investment Item Earned
Book Store
Book Shop
Male Student 3,000 Coins Book
Fruit Shop
Fruit Shop
Old Woman 4,000 Coins Pineapple
Burger Shop
Burger Shop
Female Student 2,000 Coins Milkshake
Female Boutique
Female Boutique
Office Lady 5,000 Coins Blouse
Male Cloth
Men's Boutique
Salary Man 10,000 Coins Trousers
Bowtie Shop
Bowtie Shop
Bruce Li 10,000 Coins Bowtie
X'mas Decorations
Reindeer Dude 20,000 Coins X'mas Bauble
Cool Dude 30,000 Coins Coffee Cup
Cosmetics Shop
Beautician 20,000 Coins Lipstick
Art Shop
Female Besties 60,000 Coins Paintbrush
Game Shop
Game Shop
Classmates 80,000 Coins Game Console
Shoe Shop
Shopaholics 200,000 Coins High Heels
Old Man 300,000 Coins Tulip
Handsome Banker 400,000 Coins Credit Card
Suite Shop
Sportswear Shop
Athletic Girl 100,000 Coins Tracksuit
Magic Shop
Magic Shop
Harry Potty Fan 90,000 Coins MagicW
Master Chef 150,000 Coins Melon Bun
Candy Shop
Candy Shop
Candy Kid 400,000 Coins Lollipop
Xmas Cake
X'mas Cakes
Grandma and Kid 400,000 Coins Log Cake
Appliances Shop
Housewife 550,000 Coins Blender
Colleagues 700,000 Coins Wine Bottle
Steak Shop
Steak Shop
Rich Couple 850,000 Coins Cake
Lovely Couple 1,000,000 Coins Popcorn
Heart Balloon Shop Cupid 1,000,000 Coins Heart Balloon
New Year
New Year Shop
Lion Dancer 1,000,000 Coins Red Packet
Party Guy 1,500,000 Coins Champagne
Schoolbag Shop
Schoolbag Shop
Preschool Kids 1,500,000 Coins School Bag
Xmas Snowman
X'mas Snowman
Father and Son 2,000,000 Coins Mini Snowman
Hokkaido Fair
Hokkaido Fair
Japanese Couple 2,000,000 Coins Hokkaido Milk
Hip Student 2,500,000 Coins Sandwich
Santa's Workshop
Santa's Workshop
Santa Claus 2,500,000 Coins Xmas Tree
Cake Shop Female Chef 2,750,000 Coins Strawberry Cake
iShop Boy Scout (to be included) Laptop
Tiffany & Go Groom 3,000,000 Coins Ring
Bridal Studio Bride 2,500,000 Coins Bridal Dress
Supermarket Married Man 4,500,000 Coins Shopping Bag
Bowling Alley Hipster 5,000,000 Coins Bowling Shoes
Hat Shop Detective 5,000,000 Coins Top Hat
Floralwear Shop Flower Girl 5,500,000 Coins Spring Dress
Hair Salon Hair Stylist 6,000,000 Coins Shampoo
Egg Hunt Maze Bunny Babe 6,000,000 Coins Egg Trophy
Planetarium Astronomer 6,500,000 Coins Planet Keychain
Karaoke KTV Junkie 7,000,000 Coins Microphone
Swimwear Shop Bikini Girl (to be included) (to be included)

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