Isabelle is a level 20 NPC mall manager. She is the source for all tasks and first seen introducing the game to the player with a tutorial.

Isabelle is always available, even while offline, and can be used as a tour operator when no one else is around.

Her quests involve the following tasks and usually give the player Diamonds.

  • Write a review for the game (this will be immediately completed upon clicking the task)
  • Invest in the Auto Collect Coins and Improved Auto Collect Coins features
  • Build a copy of all buildings available in the game
  • Build all floor expansions (it is recommended to wait for the right time before building the 9th floor; you can make sure of this by only expanding once the current floor is maxed out)
  • Upgrade all buildings to level 10
  • Various event-only tasks (Christmas, Game Anniversaries, etc.)

Once all of her tasks are completed, Isabelle's icon will vanish from the screen overlay until she has new tasks for the player.

Task status (the number indicates how many tasks are queued; "?" indicates more than 9 total tasks)

Blue: Completed tasks. The player must confirm them to claim the reward. The task will then show as claimed and disappear.

Red: Pending tasks. The player can either ignore them or, for investments, start them. Once an investment is started, it cannot be undone.