The Locker is an Attraction that unlocks at Level 11. It takes 2 hour 15 minutes to build and costs 25000 Coins.

Dialogue Edit

There is no dialogue for Locker.

Levels Edit

Level Base Usage Fee Base Appeal Upgrade Cost Max Coins Build Time
1 Coins15 Appeal7 Coins25,000 Coins375 Time2H 15M
2 Coins16 Appeal8 Coins55,000 Coins405 Time2H45M
3 Coins17 Appeal8 Coins95,000 Coins435 Time3H 45M
4 Coins18 Appeal9 Coins145,000 Coins470 Time5H 45M
5 Coins19 Appeal9 Coins Coins Time
6 Coins20 Appeal10 Coins Coins Time
7 Coins21 Appeal10 Coins Coins Time
8 Coins22 Appeal11 Coins Coins Time
9 Coins23 Appeal11 Coins Coins Time
10 Coins24 Appeal12 Coins Coins Time

*Usage Fee and Appeal can be further increased by using items and/or adding decorations.

Effective Items Edit