Magic Shop-0

The Magic Shop is a Shop that unlocks at level 12. It takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to build and costs 30000 Coins.


Shopkeeper Edit

  • "Do you believe?"
  • "Potion for you?"
  • "Poof!"
  • "Abracadabra!"

Shopper Edit

  • "Ooh magic!"
  • "This will work!"
  • "Wow! Amazing!"
  • "I love magic!"


Level Base Usage Fee Base Appeal Upgrade Cost Max Coins Build Time
1 Coins16 Appeal8 Coins30,000 Coins400 Time2H 30M
2 Coins17 Appeal8 Coins70,000 Coins430 Time3H
3 Coins18 Appeal9 Coins120,000 Coins460 Time4H
4 Coins19 Appeal9 Coins180,000 Coins495 Time6H
5 Coins20 Appeal10 Coins265,000 Coins530 Time9H
6 Coins21 Appeal10 Coins375,000 Coins570 Time12H
7 Coins22 Appeal11 Coins510,000 Coins610 Time15H
8 Coins23 Appeal11 Coins695,000 Coins655 Time18H
9 Coins24 Appeal12 Coins930,000 Coins700 Time21H
10 Coins25 Appeal12 Coins1,215,000 Coins750 Time24H

*Usage Fee and Appeal can be further increased by using items and/or adding decorations.

Investment Edit

Invest Magic Wand

Investing in「Magic Wand」for 90,000 Coins will allow you to obtain the Harry Potty Fan and a new item: Magic Wand.

Effective Items Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This and the Book Shop both make reference to "Harry Potter".