Task Manager
The Task Manager is one of the features can be found in the upper left corner in the game, you can invest to get more kind of shoppers, earn the diamond from complete the mission or build a new floor. In this page, we will show you more details.

Build New FloorsEdit


Every five levels the player reaches allows them to build a new floor, but where can they build it?

  1. First, the player should open the task manager, it can be found in the upper left corner.
  2. Second, (Once you reach Level 5), the player can see the "Build Floor" button in the task manager, and then press the "Show Me" button.
    Open 2
  3. The player will see more details because the cost when the player will build a new floor is the same as the normal cost when expanding, so when the player levels up, the proceeding costs will be higher. The player can choose to build a new floor or keep expanding separate floors, but once the floor can no longer expand, the player will have to build new floors.
    Open 3


Earn DiamondsEdit

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