Time BArs

The Time Bar Penalty is a punishment given to players of Happy Mall Story that try to cheat. It consists of time bars (like the ones during construction) over all of your shops. Shoppers cannot buy anything in your stores. There is no maximum time to this penalty, so some players can be waiting for months, even years to be able to play again.

How does it occur? Edit

Some Happy Mall Story players try to make construction times, tour times go buy very quickly by moving their device's clock forward, opening the app, putting the time back to what it was before, and then opening the app again. Unfortunately, while this cheat works for many other games, it does not work for Happy Mall Story.

How to bypass? Edit

If you want to be sneaky and still use this cheat, some players report that it works when you do it in the evening, after 9 pm.

How to fix this? Edit

If you are an honest player and have accidentally moved your clock forwards and back again, or you think that this is a glitch or mistake, you can email Happy Labs Support at

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