Tours are a way for players to interact with each other by promoting their malls. (see Social Tab)

Isabelle acts as the default tour operator for offline players or players who are not following anyone. You must be online and following a player to start a tour. Once started, the tour can only be ended by rushing it with Diamonds.

Tours require mutual support for optimal results. An orange flag means the server has not acknowledged a reply from the operator you are touring with yet. This is usually checked every 15 minutes. A yellow flag in addition to your orange flag means the tour is mutual and you have been helped. To accept a tour from a tour operator who is following you, click on the flag with a question mark. You will be awarded 500 Coins for helping them, and they will be notified within 15 minutes at the most as long as they connect to the game before the tour ends.

If you pick Isabelle as a tour operator, you do not need to wait. A random number is rolled (roughly 50% chance) as soon as the tour starts. Click the flag that appears; if it stays orange, you have failed the roll and Isabelle will not help you. If a yellow flag is added, Isabelle has helped you and you will receive more Coins and a higher chance of getting an item.

When a tour ends, you get Coins based on your mall's level and a random variation (can be anywhere from half to twice the average) as well as a chance at getting an item you have unlocked (over 50% if the tour succeeds for the longest tours) or a Potion (very low chance in all cases). Coins and item chances are halved if you did not receive help during the tour.

Tours that are rushed with Diamonds always succeed. Tours come in 4 durations:

  • 2 Hours: 2 Fever stars, lowest chance of giving an item and lowest income.
  • 4 Hours: 4 Fever stars, normal chance of giving an item and income.
  • 8 Hours: 8 Fever stars, higher chance of giving an item and income. Recommended along with 12 Hours.
  • 12 Hours: 12 Fever stars, highest chance of giving an item and income. The difference is not very significant.